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Deep Neural Network recogniting handwritten numbers..

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Vuforia Studio  {video}
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El Románico Palentino Virtual Reality Tour (DEMO)

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3D virtual environments creator with XNA and HLSL


Natural User Interface applications with Kinect and Kinect v2 sensors

Deep Learning

Testing a deep neural network trained with NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS) to recognize handwritten numbers


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Quadtree & Geomipmapping



Deferred rendering - directional light

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Quiz game. XXXII Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Hospitalaria. Pamplona 2014.

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Digits recognition (Deep Neural Network) calculator

Digits recognition (Deep Neural Network) calculator

TensorFlow for a Xamarin Android App

AR with Vuforia image target

"Playing golf"

Augmented reality playing golf DEMO. Unity3D and Vuforia with image target

AR with Vuforia Studio

"HOME assistance"

AR DEMO made with Vuforia Studio. An example simulating a sequence of instructions (invented) for repairing a kitchen using AR experience

AR with Vuforia Studio

"placing a latch"

AR DEMO made with Vuforia Studio. An example showing how to place a latch on a door in augmented reality

ARCore + Unity3D

"walking to the edges"

Augmented Reality DEMO. Testing ARCore SDK for Unity3D package


El Románico Palentino Virtual Reality Tour (DEMO)

Data from this app, now with 3D virtual interface using MixedRealityToolkit-Unity, showing locations and monuments on Map, and showing monuments in 360 panoramic images (I will get the real images!, image showing is just an example..)

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Deep Learning

Digits recognition (Deep Neural Network) calculator

1. Intro -> Target:
Here, I'm going to resume the steps for making a simple test with one of the NVIDIA tools (DIGITS) for Deep Learning, train a neural network for image recognition, and develop a simple application as example for using the trained model and for showing the results returned.
The software requirements and required intallations are not indicated here, just the results, but links related to the material used, can be found in next steps.

2. NVIDIA DIGITS -> Deep Learning GPU Training System:
- The tool from NVIDIA used to train a deep neural network.

3. Train a model with MNIST handwritten digit dataset:
- The images dataset used for training the neural network is the MNIST database, a lot of images handwritten digits.
- Following these instrucctions, will help for using DIGITS to train the neural network with the MNIST dataset and how to export the trained model.

4. Using the trained model:
- Inside DIGITS source code, there are two python scripts that can help to use the trained model.
- Using Flask, a web microframework for building RESTful web API, receiving by POST an image with a digit picture to pass to the trained model.

5. The calculator application interface:
- Using WPF for making a Windows destop application, with two InkCavas controls to write on it a digit, capture the images of these controls, and send them to the runnig RESTful web API service.
-  The service returns the digit with the best confidence..

Obviously the sum operation is not the target :) is just an example of interface for showing the main purpose, check the trained neural network running..

TensorFlow for a Xamarin Android App

Digits recognition (sum) with TensorFlow for a Xamarin App. A Binding Library built from TensorFlow Mobile, using TensorFlowInferenceInterface to recognize digits. Model trained with MNIST dataset.

I'm a clock!

3D scene moving blocks

Developer preview program - Kinect v2